Blubster/Piolet MANOLITO Protocol


MANOLITO is a fast UDP-based peer-to-peer networking protocol for sharing MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files. It is currently used by the following servents:

What is OpenLITO?

The goal of the OpenLITO project is to write an open source MANOLITO (MP2P) peer-to-peer client, compatible with Pablo Sato's Blubster, Piolet, and RockItNet software, able to run on non-Windows OS's. Much of MP2P is already reverse-engineered, however, no working open source client is yet available. The OpenLITO project is focusing on reversing the MP2P protocol (also known as the MANOLITO protocol).

For more information view the OpenLITO Project Page, or fetch the latest release from the download page. If you want to help development, download the 6.2MB bzip2 compressed archive of protocol documentation, dissections, and pre-alpha code and fill in the missing pieces. The major road block currently is coding the checksum algorithm. Cryptographers, OpenLITO needs you.

Protocol Analyzer

packet-manolito.c, a Wireshark protocol dissector was developed to help the progress of OpenLITO.

As of 2004-08-23 and version 0.10.6, Ethereal (now Wireshark) contains the MANOLITO dissector. The dissector is maintained by the Wireshark community. Subversion log for packet-manolito.c.

Any UDP datagrams on port 41170 are recognized as MANOLITO commands. It has been tested with the latest Piolet (1.8.3) and is able to decode the packets successfully. The dissector in action:

Perl Module is a Perl module allowing for easy creation and disassembly of MP2P packets. Additionally, the OpenLITO release contains some Perl scripts to analyze the contents of captured packets.


The MP2P checksum field, present on all packets, has not yet been fully decoded. This 16-bit checksum is calculated from the payload and is required for all modern MP2P clients to receive packets. Cracking it is the last hurdle to overcome in writing an MP2P servent clone. Help is needed. If you are knowledegable in this field and wish to help please contact a project administrator. The archive downloadable at the top of this page has everything you need to start hacking.


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